Meet Us

Margaret (Meghan) Harrell — CEO

Martha Scheidegger Donato – Co founder

Jeanmarie Paolillo – Consultant

Founders Meghan and Martha met through Pilates in the lower Hudson Valley town of Warwick, New York. With their adult daughters living in beautiful SoCal, career’s firmly established and a shared love of travel, they had an idea to build a community that would appeal to other like-minded women.

Heading into the next phase of life with their health and wellness firmly in place, the duo longed for adventure and camaraderie and hence the concept of specialty group travel took hold. Not the travel of youth but rather the travel of mature, independent, and intellectually curious women of a certain age. Uniquely curated and with a level of curiosity and learning infused into everything they plan and execute, Soulo Travel (SOULO) was born.


We love to travel! Business, pleasure, it doesn’t matter. We bring essential ingredients key to providing exceptional client experiences. Martha’s global business and personal connections are cultivated through years as a large scale event and conference planner. Meg’s background as a Corporate Communications Manager for a variety of fine art collections, provide the necessary elements to ensure outstanding detail oriented customer service. We value cultivating long term client/vendor/friend relationships to bring an extraordinary experience to all our SOULO travelers.

White Water Preserve and social distancing
Jeanmarie (left), Meg (center) and friends, Del Mar California